TECO TK-500 Aquarium Chiller

TECO TK-500 Aquarium Chiller


Recommended Aquarium Size: Up to 120 gallons

Horsepower: 1/6 HP

Minimum Flow Rate: 106 gallons per hour (6.7 lpm)

Maximum Flow Rate: 211 gallons per hour (13.3 lpm)

Minimum set point: 41°F

Maximum  set point: 95°F

Net pull-down in an 86°F room: 9°F cooler (130 g aquarium size)

Titanium heat exchanger

Set-point in °C

Built-in heater (400 watts)

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TECO TK-500 Aquarium Chiller from the new TANK® chiller line is the next generation of TECO’s flagship SeaChill™ aquarium chillers

Used by consumers and professionals for over a decade. The TECO TANK is the result of one of TECO’s most ambitious and comprehensive redesigns of the SeaChill aquarium chiller to-date. New changes include an increase in cooling efficiency and improved usability, functionality and durability.

TECO TK-500 Aquarium Chiller integrate an Efficient Cooling Technology

Internationally-recognized high-end compressors and titanium coaxial heat exchangers provide high performance, low energy consumption and low noise levels (most of the noise comes from the fan rather than the compressor). In fact, the Teco TK 500 only added +5.6 dB to the system when on.

Built-In Heater

TECO TK-500 Aquarium Chiller  comes standard with a heater built into the unit (previously, had to be purchased and installed separately). The built-in heater provides better control over water temperatures and can be operated through the digital thermostat.

Digital Thermostat

The setting of functions is intuitive and the temperature detection is accurate, resolution 0.1°C/0.2°F. The setting range is 0°-35°C (32°F -95°F) and there is a closed loop temperature control system with high accuracy and extremely tight differential (0.5°C/1°F). Displayed temperature is in °C or °F and there are security alarms.

Efficient Design

Solid and durable structure designed to guarantee near perfect protection against corrosion. Rotatable in-set water connections, rotatable exhaust conveyor, and smaller form-factor helps facilitate placement of chiller in confined spaces.


International Protection Marking IPX4 (Water splashing against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effect).

Others Features

  • The top of the chiller is adjustable and allows for the airflow to be positioned in one of four ways, front, back or either side removing the hot air away from the chiller,
  • The inlet and outlet pipes are recessed on the edge of the unit, enabling the chiller to be placed flush against the wall, ideal for smaller spaces.
  • The chillers also include a magnetized air filter which can be removed and cleaned with ease.
  • All of the TANK Chiller lines have an Aluminium structure making them strong and lightweight.
  • Teco placed the probe in the inflow pipe to make sure that the temperature measured is the actual one from the tank, which hasn’t been cooled yet. This is one of the reasons why we did not notice a drop in temperature on the display shortly after turning the chiller on. If the probe was located in the outflow pipe, it would read a lower temperature shortly after the chiller is on, but it would not be the same as the temperature in the tank. This could lead to frequent on/off cycles of the unit without an actual lowering of the tank temperature.

TECO TK-500 Aquarium Chiller

Aquarium Chiller

Ambient temperature range: 32 – 104 °F (5°C – 38°C)
Power: 120V-60Hz; 3.7 A; 440 Watts
In/Out Water Connection: 3/4″ tube diameter
630 W chilling capacity
400 watts heating capacity
Compatible with salt water
Maximum Pressure: 8.7 psi (0.6 bar)
Gas/Refrigerant: R134a

  • CE
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Compressor thermally protected
  • Compressor curus
  • IPX4

Weight: 36.4 lbs. (16.5 kg)
Dimensions: 12.2″ x 12.2″ x 16.38″H (310mm x 310 mm x 416 mm H)

Additional information

Weight 17 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 62 cm
Maximum Water Pressure

0.6 bar

Heating Capacity

Integrated (400 W)

Type of chillers


Power Supply

120V-60Hz, 1 phase

Power Capacity

1/6 HP

Cooling Capacity

450 W

Flow Rate

6.7-10.3 lpm