Larval Rearing Units

The Krescel+ an outstandingly versatile tank for hatching, feeding of fish larvae & rearing of fingerlings in a small footprint

Aquabiotech designs and manufactures high quality, fully recirculating life support systems designed for research with small-bodied marine life in a totally controlled environment.

These versatile tanks are currently used to hatch nauplius larvae of Balanus, smelt, cod, walleye, lobster, etc., and for rearing fingerlings in a compact, convenient manner.

Their design is based on the well known Krescel-type tanks for the early rearing of larval species. Four refinements make these new KRESCEL PLUS™ larval rearing basins better hatching & first feeding larval tanks. 

Complete larval rearing system
Complete larval rearing unit featuring 2 - 140 liter insulated tanks & complete REFB water treatment system
Stacked Krescel+ tanks
Rack of 10, 70 litre Krescel+ tanks with plumbing

Two operating modes

Surface Spray

A surface spray is added above the water to free the surface from lipid film and to help larvae fill their gas bladder;

Dual inflow for higher larva survival

A dual inflow (bottom and surface) is created for homogeneous and complete water circulation and better dispersion of larvae within the water column;

Water is introduced through obliquely-oriented slits along a semi-spherical bottom and a surface spray;

Larval dispersion is more uniform in absence of temperature and oxygen stratification; the dual inflow of the Krescel tank prevents the formation of the water quality gradient that normally occurs at high air/water thermal differential and low flow rates;

For more flexibility, a valve allows you to adjust the water flow between the surface and bottom inlets; 

A triple standpipe for greater flexibility

The overflow standpipe located in the center of the tank through which water exits is now surrounded by two perforated pipes covered with a nylon screen (NYTEX).

With this pattern, it is at last possible to remove one pipe for cleaning, without the risk of losing fish.

It becomes a convenient self-cleaning, all-purpose rearing tank!

Once fish swim actively, the Krescel Plus™ tank is easily converted into a compact self-cleaning rearing tank.

The sediment trap that is already located at the bottom of the tank only needs to be turned into working position. Solids that concentrate around the bottom will be flushed out as the sediment purge valve is turned to the open position.   A sediment flushing is recommended once or twice a day.

A circular current is created by replacing the surface spray by our curved tangential injector (included). You virtually have two tanks into one!  A sediment flushing is recommended twice a day.


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