Fish Holding Tank

Fish Holding Tank - Water Bath

Stores your fish and let them

acclimate, undisturbed, to your laboratory conditions

A peaceful, optimal environment

  • A very quiet system!
  • Wide temperature range (2-30°C).
  • A swift current (4 cm/sec) reduces aggressive behavior in fish (adjustable).
  • Tank is divided into two sections with removable screen insert
  • Clear lid, exposing fish to ambient photoperiod
  • Air stone for additional aeration (if required)
  • Makes a great water bath for static-type experiments!

Green technology!

  • Uses little water: up to 99.9% of water flow is recycled
  • Efficient pump and chilling system
  • Insulated tank

Requires little maintenance

  • No siphoning needed; a swift water flow flushes debris to a novel sediment trap.
  • Easy-access, five-stage water filtration: solid removal pad with activated carbon, carbonate buffer, biofiltration, efficient CO2 degassing by propeller pump
  • Biofilter comes pre-coated with active nitrifying bacteria (unique). This significantly cuts back ammonia peak when the unit is initially filled with animals.
  • Water pipes can be dismantled for cleaning and disinfecting; ceramic biofilter autoclavable.
  • Tank on a high-strength industrial grade fiberglass and plastic stand, with built-in Microban® antimicrobial protection.
  • Heat exchanger is in seawater-resistant titanium.
Clear cover

Clear cover divided into two sections


DividerRemovable screen

This system is mounted and fully tested for required performance at our plant before shipment.  It only needs to be connected to a water and electrical sources after being leveled.



External Tub Dimensions: 183 cm L x 61 cm W x 67 cm H / 72″ L x 24″ W x 26″ H
Fish Section Dimensions: 145 cm L x 49 cm W x 51 cm H / 57 ” L x 19.3″ W x 20″ H
Total Volume (operating volume): 424 (380) L  / 112 (100) Gal. (US)

Chilling system: 115 V 7.2 Amp
Quiet drive propeller pump: 115/230 V 2.9 Amp

Five-Stage Filtration System

  1. Active Charcoal washable filtering screen
  2. Washable filtering screen
  3. Bio-filtration pre-established at the factory
  4. Fast-dissolving Aragonite for pH
  5. Powerful degassing of CO2/aeration

Temperature Range: 2-30±0.3°C  / 35.6-86±0.5°F /
Water Cooling Rate: 1.1°C per h / 2°F per Hour
Water Heating Rate: 1.0°C per h / 1.8°F per Hour

Maximum Density (fish): 20 g/L* – or 0.17 lb./gal. (US)*
Maximum feeding quantity: Commercial feed 100 g/day of 3.5 oz./day*

* a more frequent maintenance shedule may be required if above these rates

Download technical details here:

Holding tank brochure

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