Flume Systems

Let your organisms experience different water velocities and temperatures

  • The water velocity (cm/s) of these flume systems is precisely adjustable.

  • The portion of the channel under observation is dampened to create a linear flow.

  • The components of each artificial river and their structural components are entirely resistant to seawater (Fiberglass, plastic, and/or Plexiglass construction).

Fully tested and standardized, you may commence experimentation immediately and with confidence.

Each River Model is furnished with a series of options that enable you to tailor the chosen system to your needs. For example, depending on which model you choose, the swimming lanes may be operated in open, semi-open and/or closed mode (flow of water recycled 99.9%).

We trust you’ll find a model suited for your application whether is it for behavior, swimming, or  fry emergence studies.

Available models

This linear flume is a 16 feet long artificial river.  Water velocities range  between 5 and 40 cm per second.

Artificial river

Artificial river (5-40 cm/sec)
15-ft long artificial river (5-40 cm/sec)

With this flexible concept  two channels share the same water and temperature ( 5 and 30°C).  The water velocity of each linear flume ranges between 0.1 – 10 cm per second.  A honeycomb core eliminates turbulent flow.  Being a closed system, very little water is needed.  Ideal for long-term testing.

By combining two, or more, dual channel systems, the number of experimental conditions is increased.

Dual Channel

Dual channels for small organisms
Dual channels with adjustable velocity

Eight-flumes system

Multi-channel systems
Eight channels system.
Multi-channel Flumes Prospectus

An innovative concept: water velocity is uniform throughout the entire channel and is factory-adjustable to your preferences.

Annular Flume

Aquabiotech’s equipment comes with highly professional service. Customer oriented, our sales team is dedicated to walking you through each step into designing the right system for your needs.

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Flumes and Artificial Rivers

Artificial Rivers and Flumes - General Brochure

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