Control & Monitoring

The Enviro-Monitron® enables one to modulate the development of key parameters such as water temperature, flow rate, dissolved oxygen, salinity, pH and more. The Monitron can also control a photoperiod module.

Each unit is able to transfer the data to a dedicated hub by means of a wireless or cable connection. Also, several Enviro-Monitrons can be seamlessly integrated into the Monitron network.

Advantages and Benefits

  • Every unit is built to your specifications, so any needs will be met;
  • Adjust the level of make-up water in your system. This feature, exclusive to Aquabiotech, is useful to prevent the accumulation of metabolites in water.  It offers full control over the time needed to completely replace the water of a system by setting the desired percentage of water reuse over a 24-hour period;
  • By setting the percentage of water reuse to 90%, for instance, a peristaltic pump will operate on a 24-hour basis to replace 10% of the total water volume
  • With this unique feature, you can adjust the water inlet in each of your systems to the optimal rate for different applications. This means great water savings and also assures environmental uniformity among all units
  • Monitors and controls water temperature, dissolved oxygen level, salinity, and pH.  The Monitron will also monitor the total flow rate to the rearing tanks through a rotometer. This feature adds great flexibility in adjusting the water flow through the fish basins.
  • Since the Monitron Network is not involved in building maintenance, you can retain full and personal control over all the information displayed, while being sure that no one else will interfere.
  • The system is extremely simple to use. You do not need to hire a technician to configure or program the controls.  Every modification is done directly on the Monitron, or, when linked to the Monitron Network, from the dedicated central computer or your own computer.
  • Used in conjunction with our central computer running the Enviro-Monitron’s network software, it provides an elaborate email alarm notification directly on a digital pager.
  • The alarm system provides visual notification when data exceeds one or multiple programmed acceptable deviations that were set in percentage.
  • If the flow rate drops by more than 50% below the set flow rate, the heater or chiller automatically stops and an alarm is generated, informing you that it is time to clean the cartridges.
  • The central computer is equipped with ‘LOGMEIN’ remote access.  This allows our electronic technicians to troubleshoot the system from our location in Quebec, Canada.
  • This remote access also allows you to receive training and configuration assistance directly on your screen.


  • Can continuously monitor and control dissolved oxygen (DO), pH, salinity, conductivity, oxidation-reduction potential (ORP), and turbidity. Other equipment like flowmeters and level sensors can be integrated. If you wish to control any of these parameters, just let us know and we will configure the Monitron accordingly.
  • The Enviro-Monitron monitors and controls the level of water exchange in a system.  Water inlet can be adjusted as either the percentage tank volume per day or as a percentage of total flow.
  • Every 1/10 second, the Enviro-Monitron reads each input, and after 100 readings, the apparatus computes, monitors and displays a mean of these readings.  When integrated in network, every 5 minutes, this data can be transferred to the central computer that integrates records from up to 20 individual Enviro-Monitrons
  • The Enviro-Monitron can control a Light Emitting Diode (LED) lighting circuit that can be integrated above the rearing tanks of most Aquabiotech aquatic habitats.
  • The Monitron features all the photoperiod control capabilities of the SunMatch Astral Photoperiod controller. In other words, it simulates dawn and dusk, reproduces the seasonal variations in day length for any geographical position in the world (longitude/latitude), modifies these natural cycles, adjusts light intensity during the day, and can be turned on/off at pre-set times.
  • The Monitron is housed into a 100% polycarbonate non-corrosive NEMA 4-X box (humidity and splash resistant enclosure);

Data transmission

  • Multi-instrument networking capability (up to 40 apparatus) via a Radio-link or an RS485 cable;
  • Data transmitted by radio frequency can travel through walls and floors over long distances, depending on the environment. For example, 900 MHz signals will travel from 250 m when traveling across 2 concrete walls, up to 1 km in open air. This span can be increased considerably with the use of an RF repeater.


  • Each probe is easily calibrated by one or two points
  • Menu-driven programming environment
  • Dissolved oxygen measurements are computed in both mg/L and % saturation
  • Temperature in °C, salinity in PSU, and flow in L/min;
  • The Monitron is easy to understand and to operate. A detailed instruction manual is provided. Service is also available for commissioning and/or training if the need arises.

Advanced features

  • Enviro-Monitron’s advanced control functions include PID (proportional-derivative integral control), cyclic PID (voltage variable), and on/off regulation.
  • These sophisticated features integrate the advantage of great precision and stability in maintaining DO, temperature, % of recirculation, salinity, etc., at a given value.
  • This is done with extreme ease: the operator simply enters the set points for a given parameter; a smooth and precise response is then automatically set in motion.