Tide Chambers

Creates sinusoidal variations of water level

These unique Tide Chambers simulate all the characteristics of natural tides!

Low/high water, the duration of flood/ebb, and number of successive tide cycles are all adjustable.

A powerful tool to study coastal and wetland biomass!

  • Variations in low water,  tidal range, duration of flood or ebb and high water are easily set via the Tide Monitron and executed by micro-pumps;
  • The simulated tidal flow describes a sinusoidal curve, as in real life;
  • Accommodates borrowing animals;
  • Can simulate up to 99 consecutive tides;
  • Water level accuracy of reading:  ±0.2 cm.
Tide chamber
Double-walled Insulated Tide Chamber

A fully integrated instrument

The Tide Chamber is fully insulated with a thermally protected window.  Water circulates between two aquariums. When the experimental aquarium is at high water, the water storage aquarium is at low water.

  • Set in Fibreglass/plastic shelving;
  • Wide temperature ranges from 30°C down to 4°C;
  • Very quit titanium chiller;
  • Complete water recycling with bio-filtration (REBF) system;
  • Up to five water turnovers/hour to create a gentle current as required by some species;
  • Two Tide Chambers per structure are available.


Tide chambers
Tide chambers
Tide Chamber controls

The Tide Monitron has the ability of controlling light emitting diodes (LED). Therefore water tight string of LEDs can inserted within the lid of the experimental aquarium.  Dawn and dusk and a variety of natural circadian rhythms can then be created to better mimic the natural environment.

pH within every Tide simulator can be precisely controlled  through the injection of CO2 gas. Every assembly is quality-tested by our dedicated personnel.

Note:  the level of oxygen can also be modulated.

Check our Multi-stressor section for more information.

The Multi-tank systems is custom-adapted to simulate the gradual fluctuations in salinity associated with the tides.  An Enviro- Monitron control a peristaltic pump (Tide pump) and add water (fresh or saltwater) for changing the water salinity in the water recycling through the fish tanks, simulating a typical sinusoidal curve associated with the tides.   In parallel, a water-tight light fixture set over each row of thanks simulate dawn and dusk, as light intensity with gradually be turned on an off (controlled by the Monitron).

Note:  the level of oxygen can also be modulated.

Check our Multi-stressor section for more information.

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