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IWAKI PUMPS Iwaki America, the world leader in centrifugal mag-drive pumps offers the premier line of non-metallic centrifugal pumps. Iwaki MD-70RLT mag-drive pump Lobster Trays The Lobster Tray was developed to meet the longer-term holding requirements faced by lobster distributors to balance seasonal harvests with market demands. Lobster Tray TECO Internationally-recognized high-end compressors and titanium coaxial heat exchangers provide high performance, low energy consumption and low noise levels. TECO TK-1000 Aquarium Chiller Pentair Pumps The aquaculture-duty pump provides extraordinary electrical and hydraulic efficiency that delivers premium performance and low electrical costs. Pentair Aquatic Eco Systems Verus 850 Pump

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Welcome to our online store

All the products you find in our e-store have been carefully selected and tested to be incorporated into our research equipment.

If you are looking for a spare part for an Aquabiotech research unit, make your choice using the “Shop by System” tab.