Multi-Tank Aquatic Housing Systems

Multi-Tank systems feature numerous small rearing tanks serviced by a central RAS system, what we at Aquabiotech call a water recycling with bio-filtration (REBF) system.

Multi-tank systems built by Iwaki Aquatics, installed and supported by AquabiotechAquabiotech has partnered with Iwaki Aquatics Systems and Services to offer quality innovative multi-tank systems. This was an easy match for us as Aquabiotech has been using Iwaki’s high-quality pumps for years, they are our primary pump supplier for Aquabiotech manufactured systems. Quality components, expert manufacturing, rigorous quality control, reliability, ease of use and low maintenance systems are values and goals shared by both companies.


Iwaki Aquatics LaBREED Systems, Aquabiotech inc. The Iwaki Aquatics LaBREED systems sold, installed, and supported by Aquabiotech are:

Zebrafish systems

5 or 6 shelf configurations available

Bench top Zebrafish systems

2 or 3 shelf configurations available

  • Available in stand-alone, flow-through and multi-rack configurations
  • All systems feature constant flow technology with Iwaki pumps that are speed controlled based on system pressure to maintain constant flow to the fish holding tanks
  • Modular rack design allows additional tank holding levels to be added to the top of the rack and allows the rack system to be easily reconfigured as your lab needs change

Xenopus systems

  • Available in stand-alone, flow-through and multi-rack configurations
  • Standard configuration is a four-shelf system. Custom configurations available, please inquire
  • All systems feature Iwaki pumps for minimal noise and vibration
  • Powder coated aluminum or stainless steel racks with leveling feet options
  • Open shelving provides easy access to tanks, water feed and drain manifolds
  • System plumbing is designed with unions in strategic locations so the entire system can be easily disassembled for cleaning Titanium chiller options

Multi-rack systems

The above systems may be combined with a central life support system to create a Multi-rack system, these systems may be adapted to suit many species beyond Zebrafish Danio rerio and Clawed Frogs Xenopus. Contact us to find out how these systems may be adapted to suit your specific needs and requirements.

For all your aquatic housing needs from the small stand-alone bench-top system to the large genetics research laboratory full of racks; we have you covered. Contact us today to discuss your project.


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