TECO UV Sterilizer Kit (for TECO TK-3000 and TK-6000)

TECO UV Sterilizer Kit (for TECO TK-3000 and TK-6000)


The UV sterilizer kit is compatible with TK-3000 and TK-6000 chillers. Easy to install – takes less than 10 minutes. No tools required. Includes installation guide.

Comes with UV lamp, quartz sleeve, ballast, starter for UV lamp, mounting screws for ballast, zip ties for wiring and an installation guide.

Made in Italy
1 year warranty

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Item number: 20814
Manufacturer: Teco
Power: 14 watts
Compatible with chillers TK-3000 and TK-6000

If you are buying a compliant chiller from us with the UV

As a courtesy to our customers, your chiller will be supplied to you with the optional Heater Kit (s) and / or UV Sterilizer kit(s) preinstalled at no extra charge and will be quality controlled and tested. If you would prefer not to-have accessories preinstalled, please let us know during checkout.

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Weight 1.8 kg
Dimensions 15 × 5.25 × 2 cm