Research Systems

Our water recirculating life support systems can be adapted for aquaculture-related experiments

The AQUA- REBF modules (water REcycling with BioFiltration) of these units are specifically designed for high-density fish cultures (› 15 kg/m3).  All systems are custom built to your specifications; fish density can be as high as 100 kg/m3

All our circular aquaculture tanks incorporate an efficient sediment trap to concentrate and flush out faeces and uneaten food.


Advantages & Benefits


Fish needs are met perfectly!

  • Aquabiotech builds high-quality systems that are engineered to meet your exact requirements and specifications for high-density culture as specified in Guideline 56
  • Our team of experts is present throughout the different steps helping you to select the right features for your system.

Accurate results every time!

The Enviro-Monitron enables precise and stable control and monitoring over water parameters, such as:

  • Water temperature (cooled or heated)
  • pH
  • Salinity
  • Oxygen
  • Water make-up
  • Photoperiod
  • Flow

Learn more about the Enviro-Monitron

Low start-up time and ease of use!

  • The AquaNit™ Trickling Biofilter is activated before delivery. This unique Aquabiotech feature saves a tremendous amount of biofilter maturation time and protects your fish against ammonia peaks during the first months. It will also save you money by reducing in-house technical man hours.
  • Every system is thoroughly tested in our facility before shipment to eliminate any start-up downtime.
  • The system can be dismantled for cleaning and sterilisation of all waterways.

Ready to operate immediately! No start-up downtime!

  • This system will be mounted and fully tested for required performance at our plant before shipment; the system will only need to be connected to a water and electrical source after being leveled.

CCAC Guideline 56

The number of fish that can be carried in a given
water supply is extremely variable and depends
on the species, water temperature, pathogen
load, dissolved oxygen level, metabolic rate of
the fish, feeding rate, and how fast the water is
being exchanged.

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High quality and extremely flexible, Aqubiotech’s equipment comes with highly professional service. Customer oriented, our sales team is dedicated to walking you through each step into designing the right system for your needs.

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