Iwaki MD-30RXT mag-drive pump

Iwaki MD-30RXT mag-drive pump


115 VAC Polypropylene sealless
Model : MD-30RXT-115NL
Manufacturer : Iwaki
Flow max: 18 GPM (68.0 lpm)
High efficiency AC voltage motors

Made in Japan
One-year warranty

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Iwaki MD-30RXT mag-drive pump from Iwaki America, the world leader in centrifugal mag-drive pumps offers the premier line of non-metallic centrifugal pumps.

  • High Efficiencies – Extraordinarily high efficiencies make MD the clear choice in almost every process, recirculation or transfer application.
  • Salwater resistance – Standard alumina ceramic bearing materials and polypropylene, for your most aggressive or highest purity requirement.
  • Excellent chemical compatibility – Manufactured from the most corrosion-resistant materials including Polypropylene, ETFE, SiC, or Alumina Ceramic to handle your most aggressive chemicals and high purity applications.
  • Dual bearing system – Leads to longer pump life.
  • Rotating spindle – Reduces friction and heat generation.
  • Dynamically balanced drive magnet – Reduces unbalanced loads on the motor shaft leading to longer motor life.
  • Unique internal cooling loop – Allows for lower pump operating temperature.
  • Impeller balance holes – Minimize axial thrust for better hydraulics.
  • Motor – Premium, high efficiency motors are used throughout the line. Totally enclosed, permanent split capacitor motors are compact, cool and economical. Tolerance to voltage variation without overheating and 50/60 Hz operation allows the product to be used in a worldwide market.

Iwaki MD-30RXT Mag-Drive Pump Operating Principle:

A sealless magnet drive pump uses magnet torque to transmit energy from the motor to the impeller. A magnet coupling is formed using an inner, or driven magnet, attached to the impeller and an outer, or drive magnet, attached to the motor shaft. This design eliminates mechanical shaft seals or packing, since there is no direct connection between the motor shaft and the impeller. The front and rear casings, sealed with a static o-ring, form the pump or liquid end. The magnetic field is transmitted

from the drive magnet through the rear casing to the driven magnet that is attached to the impeller. The combined coupling torque of the drive magnet and impeller magnet provides the driving power to the fluid being pumped.

Totally enclosed fan cooled motor (TEFC)
Power : 115 VAC; 127W; 1.10A; 1/16 HP
Motor speed: 3150 RPM
Connections : 1″ NPT (suction); 1″ NPT (discharge)
Suction without  strainer
Compatible with salt water Centrifugal pumps Magnetic drive-pump
Built-in thermal protection with automatic restart
Maximum water height : 13.5 ft (4m)

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 32.5 × 21 × 20.5 cm
Entry type

Pumps without a strainer basket

Motor type


Type of pumps

Magnetic drive


115 VAC single-phase