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Passive control is done without the use of probes or electronic control. Maintaining pH via the dissolution of calcium rocks is an example of passive control.
Static control: Implies a stable set point, actively maintained via a probe and electronic system.  The parameter reaches a set point at its maximum rate and automatically remains at that set point via constant monitoring.
Dynamic control: The parameter drops or rises at a given rate (ex. 1.0°C/h), then stabilizes in a plateau.
Cyclic control: The parameter drops or rises and stabilizes in a plateau for a given period of time. After this period, the parameter drops or rises automatically at the same rate to reach and maintain a second plateau. The cycle repeats itself.
Passive photoperiod: No control.
Manual photoperiod: Fixed Light & Dark cycles.
Astral photoperiod: Photoperiod cycles of any part of the world can be simulated.
Annual photoperiod: Increase or shorten seasons and modify the duration of the year.