The SunMatch®

The Ultimate Tool for Photoperiod Control

The SunMatch simulates dawn & dusk, adjusts day length according to date & geographical position, modifies natural light cycles, creates variable intensity pulses, and controls electrical devices!

A gentle light ramping every morning and evening significantly reduces the light stress associated with on/off type of lighting. The SunMatch can manage an entire room’s lighting system.

Controls fluorescent and incandescent lights.

CCAC Guideline


Light should be phased on and off and should incorporate wavelengths and intensities appropriate for the species where this is known. Where task lighting is needed for people working in the room, it should be restricted in its dispersion throughout the room or be placed at a lower level than the tank surface.

Section 3.4 Lighting, p. 25

Advantages and Benefits

Eliminates stress associated with sudden changes in light intensity

  • Light ramping morning and evening can be adjusted to last over an hour (up to 99 minutes), providing plenty of time for the animals to adjust their internal clocks.  


  • If your animals live better in a dimmed environment, light intensity can be adjusted during daytime to satisfy their needs. 
  • Periods of different light intensities (pulse lighting) can be created.

Simulates any geographical position or season at any time with the Astral Mode!

  • From geographical position and a date that you program, a natural photoperiod is created;
  • For example, in Northern latitudes, day length during spring months will automatically increase every day


Have full control!

  • It is possible to gradually switch from the Manual Mode (lights on/off at fixed times) to the Astral Mode at any date that you pre-program;

Photoperiod Manipulation with Annual Mode

  • The SunMatch® can increase or shorten seasons, and modify the duration of the year;
  • For example, a year can be made with a short winter followed by a long spring;
  • Ideal for breeding control;


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