500 kg Eco Lobster Condo Unit

500 kg Eco Lobster Condo Unit

These self-contained lobster tanks begin at a capacity of 1,000 lbs. Close to 100% of water being recycled systems, these systems include our exclusive factory pre-activated biofilters to control the ammonia level.
Small-scale, self-contained water recycling system for the storage of lobsters. Polyvalent, the aquaBiota unit can hold various species of shellfish in a variety of holding receptacles, such as stacked trays, trays in a cabinet-like assembly, and stacked lobster totes. The included REBF module is designed to recycle close to 100% of the water flow (about 99.9%).
If your goal is to store for only a few days (IN/OUT) in a small footprint, our small-scale Eco Lobster-Condo could be the solution.

This compact shower system is designed for IN/OUT operation. Sized for product turnover in the range of 525 to 1,050 kg/week (1,155 to 2,310 lb/week), it holds live shellfish in cold flowing water. Chilling and pumping costs are minimized through highly recycled water and a clever two-circuit design. It is an extremely reliable and flexible system.
The water flow through the unit is divided into two pressurized-fed circuits. From the sump tank, the water flows into these two circuits. The first circuit directs the water through the chiller, the lobster totes, and biofilter, while the second directs the flow through the bed filter and the protein skimmer. The circuits then re-combine and flow together into the sump tank.

From sump #2, the water is pumped through the 20 microns bead filter. After the filter, the water is pumped through the protein skimmer. The effluent from the skimmer flows directly in an isolated section of sump #2.

From the isolated section of sump #2, the water is pumped through the chiller. A valve allows the chiller to be bypassed if necessary (for repairs or cleaning) or for regulating the flow through the chiller. From the chiller and the bypass, the water flows through the biofilter and lobster tote. The biofilter and lobster totes supply circuit overflowing each tote in a series. The effluent from the last tray flows directly into sump tank #1.

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