Tide Chambers

Creates sinusoidal variations of water level


This instrument allows adjusting all the characteristics of natural tides: low water, high water, the duration of flood and ebb, and number of successive tide cycles

Tide Simulator aquaria are twinned such that one serves to produce the inverse of the other. When the experimental aquarium is at high water, the water storage aquarium is at low water.

A powerful research tool!

  • The user can simulate a tide whose characteristics can change according to time. The tides (low water, range of tide, duration of flood or ebb, high water) are simulated through micro-pumps, whose operation (the magnitude, duration, and rates) are programmable and variable;
  • The simulated tidal flow describes a sine curve, as in real life.  A maximum ebb of 20 cm (± 5 mm) is generally obtained.
  • User can adjust the tidal range;
  • Designed for marine closed circuit operation, with full control over water temperature;
  • As many as five water exchanges of recycled water output can be obtained per hour in each aquarium to create a gentle current as required by some species;


Photoperiod control is often integrated to better mimic the natural environment:  light emitting diodes (LED) inserted within the lid of each aquarium.  They can modulate light intensity, recreating dawn and dusk and natural circadian rhythms.

The photoperiod cycles are controlled by the Tide Monitron, featuring:

LIGHT DIMMING – The Tide Monitron controls each VDC light circuit, modulating light intensity above the tidal chamber.  Sunrise and sunset are simulated, creating a more natural environment. The gentle light ramping generated significantly reduces light stress created by the sudden turning on/off of lights.

ASTRAL CYCLE – Fixed L/D cycles or natural circadian rhythms can be created with the Tide Monitron. Therefore, for any geographical position (longitude, latitude) and date you enter, a natural photoperiod is created with increasing day length in spring, for instance.  Photoperiod cycles of any part of the world can be simulated.

Optional pH control is achieved through the injection of CO2 acidified water.  CO2 gas is supplied by the client. The assembly that is installed and pre-tested includes a CO2 bubbling tank, pump for CO2-saturated water with housing, and HACH pH probe with a transmitter with piping and valves.

Result from factory tests: With the injection of the CO2-acidified seawater, pH went from 8.38 to 7.1 in 30 minutes.

  • The volume of acidified seawater injected was 3.8 + 0.5 liters.
  • The final pH obtained was 7.1023 + 0.0003 (average of the data collected for the period starting on minute 40 through 144.

Note:  The control of dissolved oxygen is also available.

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