Multi-Tank Systems

Multi-Tank systems feature numerous small rearing tanks serviced by a central water  recycling with bio-filtration (REBF) system.  Environmental controls can be integrated within these units so as to work with a wide range of key experimental factors. Multi-Tank systems can recreate arctic-like conditions down to tropical, and much more.

Our standard Multi-Tank Systems are five-shelves, each fitted with 14 x 1-L tanks, 12 x 3-L tanks or 6 x 9-L tanks.  Define your Multi-Tank System by filling our ‘Request a quote‘ questionnaire.

High quality and extremely flexible, Aquabiotech‘s equipment comes with highly professional service. Customer oriented, our sales team is dedicated to walking you through each step into designing the right system for your needs.

Advantages and Benefits

Your needs are met perfectly!

Aquabiotech builds high-quality systems, fully customized, that are engineered to meet your exact requirements and specifications, such as extreme environmental conditions:

  • Very cold water:  water chilled down to 0.1°C in seawater;
  • Hypoxia: dissolved oxygen maintained down to 1 mg/L in rearing tanks;
  • Creation of controlled temperature fluctuations: rapid increase or decrease in water temperature;
  • Parasitology studies: Filtration down to the micron level (e.g. for bio-containment studies)

Accurate results every time!

The Enviro-Monitron enables precise control over water parameters, such as:

    • Water temperature (cooled or heated at specified rates);
    • pH manipulation;
    • Dissolved oxygen manipulation;
    • Salinity manipulation;
    • Photoperiod simulation;  

Learn more about the Enviro-Monitron


  • Many tank configurations can be laid out to meet most requirements;
  • Flexible tubing enables configuration changes instantly and easily;
  • The Multi-Tank System can operate with fresh and seawater.


    • The filtration and fish habitat sections are completely independent.  So, the risk of a flow reduction to the fish tanks due of a clogged filter are nil!
    • Pressure sensors let you know when filters need cleaning;
    • The fish habitat rack comes with back-up pump that will start automatically in case of a flow failure.
    • The Monitron’s Central Server is connected to the Internet for remote access. Should there be a problem, our electronic technician can troubleshoot quickly without travel costs;
    • Aquabiotech’ unique control and monitoring system automatically prevents water temperature to change too quickly;
    • All systems are mounted on high-strength industrial grade fiberglass and plastic stands, resistant to seawater.  Being built-in Microban® antimicrobial protection, they will now grow mold or bacteria, and yet will not leach chemicals. They are FAD-approved for direct contact with food.

Learn more about Microban technology

Quick start up and easy to use!

  • The AquaNit™ Trickling Biofilter activated before delivery with live fresh water or saltwater nitrifying bacteria. This unique Aquabiotech feature saves a tremendous amount of biofilter maturation time and protects your fish against ammonia peaks during the first months. It will also save you money by reducing in-house technical man hours;
  • Every Multi-tank System is thoroughly tested in our facility before shipment to eliminate any start-up downtime; 

Low maintenance

  • Self-cleaning, high-quality polycarbonate tanks;
  • The system can be quickly dismantled for the cleaning of waterways;
  • Drainage pipes are located at an angle to ease debris removal and enable visual checks and cleaning access;
  • Located at an angle to ease debris removal, drainage pipes are 2 inches in diameter and cut open for cleaning access and visual checks. This feature prevents the build-up of sediments in drainage pipes that reduce water flow. It also prevents dissolved organic matter from building up in the system, keeping water cleaner.
  • Critical replacement parts are quickly available if needed, buy everything direct!

CCAC Guideline 35

Water quality must be monitored and maintained within acceptable parameters for the species being held.”

Section 3.1 Management of water quality, p. 33

Laval University - Tide Simulator
Four identical aquatic systems to study the impact of polluded effluents and hypoxia on fish
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Center for environmental & molecular research
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Mount Allison Univiersity
Dalhousie University
Université de Moncton
Université du Québec à Rimouski
Institut des sciences de la mer de Rimouski
Nova Scotia Agricultural College
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