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  • APN Diaphragm Pump

    24 DC Gas/Liquid transfer
    Model : APN-60GD3-W
    Manufacturer : Iwaki
    Water flow rate: 600 ml/min
    Air flow rate: 1200 ml/min
    Diaphragm directly driven by brushless DC electric motor
    Made in Japan
    One-year warranty

  • Lobster Tray for longer-term holding

    38 trays.

    Stacking tray with removable divisions (not included) to keep individually submerged 33 to 37 lb (15-17 kg) of lobster. Compartments can be divided to accommodate different lobster sizes. Tray has six fixed chambers of 15.6” x 12.7” that can be divided into an almost infinite variety of widths, each with a 12.7” length.

  • RD-12 mag-drive pump

    24 VDC pump with external control signal (0-5V)
    Model : RD-12-TE-24-N1-V-12
    Manufacturer : Iwaki
    Flow: 0-12.3 LPM
    Sound level : 40 dB
    Brushless Motor
    Useful life over more 25K hours
    Made in Japan
    One-year warranty

  • TECO TK-2000 Aquarium Chiller

    Recommended Aquarium Size  between 130-500 gallons (492-1895 litres)
    Horsepower: 1/3 HP
    Minimum Flow Rate: 159 gallons per hour (10 lpm)
    Maximum Flow Rate: 211 gallons per hour (13.3 lpm)
    Minimum set point: 41°F
    Maximum  set point: 95°F
    Net pull-down in an 86°F room: 9°F cooler (500 g aquarium size)
    Net pull-down in an 86°F room: 39°F cooler (105 g aquarium size)
    Titanium heat exchanger
    Set-point in °C
    Built-in heater (400 watts)