Mobile Research Labs

Mobile research labs designed for the study of environmental impact on aquatic & marine life.

Mobile lab
Mobile labs

Aquabiotech can manufacture mobile aquatic labs to your specifications and needs. The various tanks, mesocosms, or aquariums are positioned in containers or road trailers. All the physicochemical controls necessary for the aquatic experiments are integrated there, and the collected data can be sent or retrieved remotely via a satellite connection.

Technical Details

  • Labs may be installed in insulated ocean containers. Each container measures 12.3 m long x 2.5 m high x 2.5 m large.
  • Labs can also be installed inside a 16 m (53′) trailer.

There is a 1m deep section in the front of the enclosure that holds the compressor for the water cooling system and a heat pump to control the room air temperature It is also where the electrical entrance is situated.  This section must be closed with marine-grade aluminum panels for transportation.  It is also covered with grilled doors to allow air circulation when in use.

A freshwater and/or saltwater reserve is placed at the back of the enclosure.  A second reservoir situated at the front is filled with a glycol solution. A dedicated pump feeds this solution to the heat exchangers (one per research unit) for water cooling.

The data transfer will be handled by satellite.  The satellite transmission antenna is located near the mechanical section.

Once the lab is on site, the power (220V 50 and/or 60 Hz 1 phase) should be hooked up at the outside front section. From there, the power goes to the distribution panel inside the lab where the breakers and the transformer for the 120 V accessory line are situated. The distribution panel is CSA-approved and supplies the whole unit.

Three supply lines with accidental splash protected outlets are coming out of the distribution panel. The top line (see picture) supplies each mesocosm control panel. The other two are used for accessories (computer, portable lamps, scales, etc.).

The accessory outlets in the middle are NEMA 6-15 (240 V) certified and the lower ones are NEMA 5-15 (120 V) certified. The 220 V outlets come with a universal adapter that will accept several international plugs.

Finally, the distribution panel feeds a row of LED tubes and the satellite DataLogger. Take note that the light switch is on the cover of the distribution panel.

This mobile lab is built in compliance with security requirements of the Commission de Santé & sécurité au travail du Québec (CSST). The security features are :

  1. One door at each end of the lab to allow a keyless evacuation.
  2. A luminous « EXIT » sign with emergency battery and lights on top of each door.
  3. A first aid kit placed by the rear door of the lab.
  4. A dry powder fire extinguisher near the rear door of the lab.
  5. A padlocking station near the rear door of the lab.
  6. A heat sensor situated in the middle of the lab.
  7. Two lockable screen doors to secure the front section of the lab.
  8. Each of the four doors of the lab (rear doors, front screen doors, front and back side doors) has its own unique key.