Iwaki RD-12 Direct-Drive Pump

Iwaki RD-12 Direct-Drive Pump


24 VDC pump with external control signal (0-5V)
Model : RD-12-TE-24-N1-V-12
Manufacturer : Iwaki
Flow: 0-12.3 LPM
Sound level : 40 dB
Brushless Motor
Useful life over more 25K hours
Made in Japan
One-year warranty


Iwaki America, the world leader in centrifugal mag-drive pumps offer the latest in sealless pump technology. The Iwaki RD-12 Direct-Drive Pump is smaller, offer higher pressure, and last significantly longer than any traditional designs.

Iwaki RD-12 Direct-Drive Pump are designed to be cool, quiet, compact and lightweight. A variety of features, including a seal-less design to prevent  leakage, enable the pumps to meet a full spectrum of user needs, with emphasis on ease of installation, operation and maintenance.

  • Easy to Integrate – DC motors with integral controllers make wiring and regulatory compliance easy. RD’s canned motor design offers the most compact package available.
  • Easy to fit – Our unique, canned motor design offers the most compact package available. Even “heads-up” mounting into a reservoir is possible, making it easy to find a home for this pump.
  • Easy on your ears – Our pumps have sound levels as low as 40dB.
  • Precision temperature control – RD’s unique dual bearing system reduces heat generation and helps your system maintain temperature accuracy.
  • Easy to live with – Brushless motors and our superior engineering offer design lives in excess of 25K hours.
  • Easy on your budget – Our pumps offer unmatched value! There are no parts kits because you won’t be needing them.

Extend system life – Manufactured under strict ISO 9001/14001 quality standards and assembled with the most chemically-inert materials, Iwaki RD-12 Direct-Drive Pump life will typically exceed 25K hours.


Iwaki RD-12 Direct-Drive Pump is equipped with the following protective functions in drive circuitry:

  • Protection against jammed impeller – Drive circuitry will detect locked impeller and stop the pump.
  • Excessive temperatures – The pump will stop when the motor temperature increases beyond rated temperature (40, 60 or 80°C) as a result of elevated fluid temperature or installed environment temperature.
  • Over current protection – The drive circuitry is protected against excessive current.

Fuse – RD’s are equipped with internal fuse to protect pump form overheating or causing damage to system when drive circuit has been damaged.  The built-in fuse cannot be replaced, so, we recommend use of an external fuse.

Operating Principle

The RD Series pump is a canned motor type centrifugal pump driven by a DC brushless motor. The magnet incorporated with the impeller is directly rotated in the pump chamber by the magnetic force of the motor to discharge the liquid from suction port to the discharge port.

The RD-12 mag-drive pump can be controlled by 1-5V external control.  The 1-5VDC external variable signal is used for just a simple flow control, and a flow rate is not even in proportion to the signal voltage.  The pump is able to run with no 1-5VDC signal generator when electrically wired as follows. In this case the pump runs at the maximum speed.

Direct Drive Technology

A direct drive brushless DC design is categorized as an integral pump and motor assembly including driver electronics. Similar to a magnet drive design there is no direct connection between the motor shaft and the driven element. However the pump does not employ an external drive magnet mounted to a motor shaft to transmit the motor torque to the internal driven magnet assembly. Instead, the torque is transmitted directly by a brushless DC motor (BLDC).

The inner rotating magnet assembly is positioned as the rotor of a motor. The motor windings are wound around the rear housing. The inner rotating magnet assembly is driven by the rotating magnetic field of the BLDC motor. Commutation is performed electronically using sensors to detect the position of the inner rotating element. The sensor inputs are used by the driver circuit to energize the motor windings. The induced magnetic field drives the inner magnet assembly. This design eliminates the need for a separate motor armature, motor bearings, drive magnet mounted to the motor shaft, and shaft seals. As with magnet drive designs, the direct drive seal-less structure also eliminates leaks and problems involving seal replacement. The resulting package is compact, efficient and provides for a longer service life.

RD-12 mag-drive pump

RD-12 mag-drive pump

Motor : Totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC)
Power : 24VDC; 12W; 1A (current) 4A (starting current)
Connections : 3/8 filets NPT / (suction) 3/8 filets NPT (discharge)
Suction without strainer
Compatible with salt water
Centrifugal pump
Direct drive-pump
Protective functions in drive circuitry:

  • Drive circuitry will detect locked impeller and stop the pump.
  • Drive circuitry will detect motor temperature increases beyond rated temperature and stop the pump.
  • Drive circuitry is protected against excessive current

Liquid Temperature Rating : 60°C
Ambient temperature range: 32 – 104 °F
Maximum water height : 22.3 ft (9.7 PSI)
Flow at 0 psi: 12.3 lpm
Flow at 3.5 PSI: 9.8 lpm
Flow at 5 PSI: 8.5 lpm
Flow at 15 PSI: 0 lpm

Additional information

Weight 0.678 kg
Dimensions 16.7 × 13 × 11.5 cm
Motor type


Entry type

Pumps without a strainer basket

Type of pumps



24 VDC